5 November 2014

Brothers Toffee Apple Cider (@BrothersCider) (Aldi)

There's nothing like a sweet pick me up after a heavy hot meal on a cold Bonfire night. If you don't fancy a pudding whilst watching the neighbour's fireworks (if you're an old skinflint like me and didn't buy your own) then I'd recommend a liquid pudding. Of course there are all sorts of liquid delights after dinner from liqueurs to chocolate beers, ales, stouts and porters. There are plenty of sweet ciders out there, but I haven't seen a Toffee Apple Cider before. On opening the bottle I gave a sharp gasp and a "Wow!" from the sweet toffee and applish smell. I poured out the fizzy toffee coloured cider and wafted it under Cinabar's nose. Not one for usually smelling my booze and giving approval, even Cinabar was taken aback by the sweet toffee and apple smell. Of course I had to sample the fizzy brew as quickly as possible. From the taste I could instantly tell there was not only toffee and apple in this cider, but a decent pear or two had been added, which bumped up the sweet liquid to a new level. The apple, pear and toffee flavour washed around my mouth like a playful furry friend in a meadow on a light spring day. Far from the cold damp outside, I enjoyed every smooch with my fizzy Toffee Apple Cider filled glass.

Information on the bottle:
Produced by Brothers established in 1658 in Shepton Mallet, in Somerset. 275ml bottle in a four pack. 4% volume. Suitable for vegans. Contains sulphites.
By Cinabar

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