15 November 2014

Kit Kat Chunky Double Caramel (WH Smiths) [By @SpectreUK]

Well Cinabar might not be so excited about this Kit Kat Chunky Double Caramel, as she is obsessed with peanut butter, but I'm pretty much the same about caramel. Here we have two halves in one bar; one gooey smooth and one crispy crunchy, which could be a great idea or one half spent wishing I was eating the other. So much so that I was initially worried which side I would pick first. If I picked gooey side, which is generally my favourite type of caramel in chocolate bars, when I came to the crunchy side I thought I may wish the whole bar had been gooey smooth.

Pushing aside my apprehension I opened the wrapper with a 50-50 chance. My gambit paid off and I bit into the crunchy end first, which indeed had a crispy crunch to the caramel and the usual crunchy Kit Kat wafer. I did enjoy this end of the bar, but whilst I scoffed it down pretty quickly I found myself wondering, almost yearning, to taste the gooey side.

And so I bit into it. This end had the gooey sweeter caramel that I had been waiting for. Of course the wafer made it crunchy, but hey, sweet gooey caramel for the win! I reckon the whole bar like this would have been better, well at least for me!

Information on the wrapper;
The 42g per half bar is 109 calories with 5.8g of fat and 11.5g of sugar.
By Spectre

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