13 November 2014

PowerBar 5Electrolytes 0Calorie Sports Drink [by @NLI10]

Another Holland & Barrett pick up - again from the penny sale effectively meaning these were half price (as it's buy one get one for a penny).  I've been a fan of these 'energy' drinks that you make up yourself as a kind of pick-me-up for a while.  The ones I take to festivals have all the energy I need in them too, but these have taken a more modern approach and are zero calorie - and they don't contain caffeine too! (there is a flavour that does but I avoided that)

Essentially all you need is water (which is usually available at most exercise establishments) and a suitable receptacle to put it in.  The large tablets fizz up and make a pleasing looking and smelling mixture.

Sometimes this kind of drink tastes of the baking powder style substances they use to make sure it all dissolves, but these are pretty good.  They both taste vaguely like the flavours they advertise (mango/Passionfruit and raspberry/pomegranate) but the differences are real enough that I prefer the green one to the red one!

There is a horrible tendency amongst my friends and peers to drink insane amounts of calories via Relentless Monsters of energy drinks which has led to quite a few of them being - well - a bit larger than necessary.  I think that if all zero calorie sports drinks tasted like this (and the Lucozade Sport Zero which is similar) then more people would switch.

Coupled with the convenient tablet form I will continue to buy these (or whichever version is cheapest due to offers) as a slightly healthy alternative.

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