16 November 2014

Fentimans Wild English Elderflower (Cherry Red, Birmingham) [by @NLi10]

I'm always on the look out for new flavours by my favourite soft drink's range Fentimans, so when my partner spotted one on a night out I made a trek out to the cafe/bar in the rain to get a bottle.  I'd usually take a picture of the outside but the weather was awful so instead I took a leaflet.

Unfortunately I didn't spot that there are two Cherry Red establishments so have the leaflet the wrong side up.  I got this from the John Bright Street branch - opposite our Brew Dog, tucked behind the Alex theatre.

I'm a big fan of the variety of Elderflower drinks that cropped up a few years ago and have hung around ever since. It's take an while for Fentimans to add their signature touch to this range and it isn't in all the usual places.  I think like with the original tonic this may be due to their unusual take.

Usually the elderflower is on top of a very sweet drink which means that the initial floral hit has a sweetness behind it.  This is almost flat tasting like carbonated water and is strangely missing the follow up.  I'm thinking that this would similarly work as an amazing mixer, but as a 'pop' this doesn't quite hit the spot.

As an accompaniment to a meal however I found it quite refreshing.  I think that this is another one of those drinks that I expected to be one thing and turned out to be another.  It's certainly something I intend to drink again, preferably on an occasion where I'm sitting socialising with friends. Definitely a good choice for a cafe.

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