30 November 2014

BirdsEye Chicken Pie [review by @NLi10]

In my last pie review I mentioned a small emergency £1 pie that I'd bought frozen for when I needed a pie. Yesterday was such an occasion. I got the little guy out of the freezer and cooked for slightly longer than instructed.

The pie in question is a Birds Eye Chicken Pie.  I remember all their adverts in my youth, but the brand seems to be less in the public eye now. Maybe I just don't watch the kinds of show they advertise in.  Here it is cooked.

It does look a little small here, but it was a pound - half the price of the Frey Bentos and much less than a Pieminister. But what's inside I hear you ask.

I flipped it over to expose it's weak, soft, underbelly and was rewarded with decently meaty bits and an assortment of vegetables. The flavours were nice, and the pastry was crispier than I'd expected. As a cheap emergency solution it does the job, and due to bonus chips I didn't go hungry.

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Anonymous said...

Well I have just eaten a steak pie. 2 bits of fat and nothing else.