9 November 2014

Salvador - Gourmet Burger Kitchen (Mailbox, Birmingham) [by @NLi10]

As the nights draw in and Christmas looms on the horizon we seem to go out more with work.  Whether it be festive celebrations, or in this case a leaving do there is no shortage of opportunities to try new things. Hurrah!

On this occasion we ended up at Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Birmingham's Mailbox.  The place was a lot less busy that we'd expected and our table of 16 easily outnumbered the other people we saw that evening, but mid week and later in the evening I guess most places are quiet.

Here is the extensive menu!

I went for the Salvador (as it had lots of unusual things together that I like)

And it looked like this! I decided to take the top off first, but didn't think to take it from a shallow angle so you could see the contents...

It was a lovely mix of flavours from the sausage and the ketchup at the strong end, with the lighter more cooling flavours underneath.  I'd probably choose this again, depending on what other exciting things are on offer.

Also on offer were skinny fries.  And they are much skinnier than I'd anticipated! I loved them and finished mine easily but a lot of people did not as they got cold a bit too fast.  Maybe they need to heat the bowls when they serve them so that you can eat your burger first and still have great fries.  I had no such problem as I ate all mine pretty fast - but didn't hoover up the other people's as they were less nice once cold.

All in all a decent menu and everyone enjoyed what they ordered.  I'd be happy to go back - although there are a good few new luxury burger places that have opened and I have to try some of those first.  The skinny fries may just tempt me back though...


Anonymous said...

I wonder how does one eat these trendy "tall" burgers? Looks very awkward!

NLi10 said...

knife and fork!