19 November 2014

Tracklements Beer Mustard (Brown and Green, Trentham) [By @SpectreUK]

This Beer Mustard was produced by Tracklements, in Wiltshire, who also make pickles, ketchups, chutneys, relishes, jellies and sauces. I've had beer mustard before, many moons ago, so was interested to find out what this one tasted like in comparison. This Beer Mustard was made with 6X, which is brewed by Wadworth of Devizes. It stated on the jar that this Beer Mustard is "perfect with a good sausage and pint of beer," so me being me I decided to try it first with bacon and a cup of tea. On opening the jar there was a heavy mustard and vinegar smell, with a hint of beer behind it. On first taste there was an initial blast of mustard and strong vinegar, followed by a medium chilli heat mixed with black pepper, and a lip smacking sweetness, and then came a touch of malty hoppiness, but on each taste just as the beer flavour came it went. It was there and yes, this is beer mustard, but with the added chillies and black pepper and the strength of the vinegar, the strength of the beer was a little lost. Having said that this is a jolly good mustard in its own right. It went rather well with the smoked bacon, fried eggs, baked beans and Cinabar's baked croissants. In fact it went rather well in the ham salad sandwich the next lunchtime, really adding a tasty spiciness to the sandwich. I did finally have the Beer Mustard with sausages (well... Pig-in-Blankets) the next night and it was washed down with a good blonde beer. This is a versatile mustard made with an emphasis on heat and spiciness rather than the beer. I would have liked a little less chilli and black pepper spice and a higher percentage of beer added, but that's just me... A bit of a "beer"head! :-)

Information on the jar;
140g jar. Tracklements was established in 1970. Ingredients included; vinegar, mustard seed (28%), beer (25%), sea salt, black peppercorns, allspice, and chillies. Contained gluten. Try it with Wiltshire Ham, pork pie or Cheddar Cheese.
By Spectre

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