4 November 2014

Lyle’s Golden Syrup Sticky Toffee Apple - Bonfire Bakes Cake (Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

Although there are quite a few foods that come out dedicated to Halloween, there isn’t that much aimed at Bonfire Night. It is strange really as watching fireworks outside requires a bit of comfort food, I guess it is its proximity to Halloween that means it looses out. It is nice then that the latest cake from Lyle’s Golden Syrup is labelled as a Bonfire Bake. It is flavoured with Toffee Apple and so feels like something a bit special fro the season.
Once unwrapped the cake comes in a paper case that it need pealing from. It looks quite sticky, and it is also quite a squidgy feel, especially when it come to be cut into chunks.
The flavour was more subtle than I’d imagined, with the apple being tied up in the sweetness of the syrup flavour, and coated heavily in toffee tones. Not a bad thing by any means, but I had expected a sharper more acidic taste from the apple, not just a hint of it in the background. The texture was lovely though, soft and moist, and it felt syrupy and naughty. I do have a sweet tooth so was loving the rich flavour.
This will make a rather nice post firework treat, as the flavour being light means that nobody will object to it. Lets be honest, everyone knows the toffee is the best part of a toffee apple anyway!
Tomorrow night Spectre will tell you about the perfect alcoholic accompaniment to this cake!
By Cinabar

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