18 November 2014

Foodie News Burst 18/11/14

There has been a bit of a delay, but I‘m pleased to say the latest Foodie News Burst is now ready to roll…

I have to start with this fabulous Limited Edition Monkey from PG Tips, now in big boxes (perfect for Christmas visitors) you get a fabulous monkey in a gown included on special packs. He is super cute too. If you like the other monkeys in the picture you’d have to join PG Tips Cuppa Club to find out how to get your hands on them.
Source: Press Release

Walkers have announced the winner of their Do Us A Flavour competition, and I’m saddened to announce it is Pulled Pork. Now it wasn’t that I didn't like these crisps, it is just that they weren’t very different to anything else on the market. I’ve eaten and enjoyed plenty of barbecue flavour crisps before now. Personally I was backing the Fajita flavour, but I know Pulled Pork has been a trend anyway for 2014 so I can see why it did so well.
Source: http://www.talkingretail.com/products-news/crisps-snacks/pulled-pork-sticky-bbq-sauce-crowned-walkers-us-flavour-champion/

On the subject of crisps Burts have a new flavour out for Christmas, Turkey and Stuffing (but of course). Finding turkey flavour crisps at Christmas has become a sort of tradition!
Source: http://www.talkingretail.com/products-news/crisps-snacks/burts-chips-launches-festive-roast-turkey-chestnut-stuffing-flavour/

You might notice a subtle change in the cereal aisle, Sugar Puffs are rebranding. Their new name is Honey Monster Puffs, they are dropping the reference to ‘sugar’, as well as updating the recipe (more honey less sugar).
Source: http://www.thegrocer.co.uk/buying-and-supplying/marketing/sugar-puffs-rebrand-cuts-sugar-even-from-its-name/372590.article

Mars are launching a couple of new hot chocolates, well it is the season. There is one from M&Ms on the way although disappointingly it isn’t a peanut version, just a chocolate flavour drink. The other one has me more intrigued though, White Malteaser, that could be super soothing.
Source: http://www.fdin.org.uk/2014/11/maltesers-and-mms-unveils-hot-chocolate-pouches/

Big thanks to everyone who has contributed! Let me know if you spot any interesting foods or see any interesting news items and I’ll try and give them a mention next time! Photos (and press releases if you are in the trade) are always welcome.
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