4 November 2014

Cadbury Chocolate #CoinGate

There has been quite a stir on twitter following an announcement by Cadbury. If you haven’t already heard the news, take a seat, Cadbury have discontinued their chocolate coins, synonymous with Christmas. The days of discs of Cadbury chocolate wrapped in gold foil and shaped liked coins is no more. National newspapers are covering the story and twitter is full of talk on the subject, #CoinGate.
It is difficult to be sure as to whether this is a publicity stunt, or something Cadbury just didn’t think anyone would notice. I’m sure we all remember when Heinz announced that the they were going to discontinue their Salad Cream. It caused outcries and eventually it was announced it would remain on shelves. In retrospect it is easy to see that it was a bit of media stunt to raise brand awareness.
This Cadbury thing doesn’t feel like that. Their biggest sales would be at Christmas and unless they have some secret stash even a reversal of decision now would mean they missed this years biggest sales opportunity. Some of the reasons quoted in the press for Cadbury’s decision involve them being unpopular, fiddly to make and that they aren’t made in Cadbury purple… but that does all sound a bit weak.

Having just done a shop at Aldi I couldn’t help but notice that near the till area there were bags of their own Dairyfine chocolate coins in gold foil. I added some to my shop and thought I’d try them out, I guess Aldi are “cashing in” now that we have been “foiled” by Cadbury. I’ll stop now.
If you want to help change Cadbury’s mind, I spotted this petition in the #CoinGate twitter feed.

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