29 November 2014

Zum Glockenspiel Pork Steak Sandwich (Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

I always try to make it to the German Market each year when it visits Birmingham for a month or so before Christmas. Over the last couple of years it's been a bit more difficult as I was working outside of the city. This year I'm back at university and was able to wonder over for a quick bite to eat one lunchtime. I usually hang around the busiest part of the German Market, which is in Victoria Square around the huge fountain there. This year to save my legs I had a look around some of the stores nearest the big bronze bull outside the Bull Ring. The large store called Zum Glockenspiel first caught my eye. It had a barbecue side and a bar side with tables at its centre. Being rather hungry and smelling the fine cooking spicy meaty smells I headed towards the barbecue side.

I could see fizzling away quite happily on the grill lots of pork steaks, which seemed a grand change from the usual hot dogs I buy in Victoria Square, so I just had to try one. The red pork steak had been heavily seasoned with paprika and was served in a brown roll. I added a little ketchup and German mustard which was available on the side of the store and waited for it to cool. The succulent barbecued pork steak had a flavoursome paprika spice to it. As I bit through the soft brown roll the meat almost melted in my mouth. The whole compact style of pork steak in the bread roll was easy to eat and not messy at all, so it was good to munch on the go for a quick lunch. Perfectly cooked and spiced this pork steak was heavenly tasty, moreish and quite filling too. I desperately wanted another one once I'd finished, but realised I was probably being over greedy!

Zum Glockenspiel also sells half metre long Bratwurst hot dogs, and to wash it down they sell beer or hot chocolate drinks. I shall definitely be back before Christmas!
By Spectre


jeremai said...

We visited the market yesterday for the first time, inspired by your blog posts in previous years. It certainly draws a crowd doesn't it? We weren't the only ones getting on the train in South Wales to go!

cinabar said...

Wow - thats quite a day trip! Did you enjoy it? And yes it does get very busy, particularly at the weekends. Hope you managed to try a few german goodies while you were there. :-)