24 November 2014

Walls Gingerbread Sandwich Ice Creams (Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

Who said ice cream couldn’t be Christmassy or seasonal. Ok it might not be the first choice when it comes to dessert when the weather is cold, but I couldn’t resist taking a look at Wall’s latest ice cream offering. Did I mention there was a cute gingerbread man on the box too, it reminds me of some nail wraps I’ve bought… but that is a different story.
The ice cream is seasonal in that it contains gingerbread, although not in the form of a christmas gingerbread house or even a gingerbread man. This is vanilla ice cream sandwiched together by two rectangular pieces of gingerbread biscuit. Once out the of the box I was quite impressed by the size of the portion of the gingerbread sandwiches, they looked bigger than expected, a rare feat these days. Images on boxes usually make you think the time inside is going to be bigger and better than it is, usually guaranteeing a certain amount of disappointment once the wrapper is off.
The gingerbread bread shell was soft, but a nice thick texture and coating. It was not soggy it just didn’t have a crunch. The flavour totally had me hooked. There was plenty of ginger, but lots of cinnamon too - beautifully spicy warming flavours all enveloping some seriously soothing sweet creamy vanilla ice cream. It reminded me of the flavours from that biscuit spread, Lotus Biscoff, and was very similar to the spice combination within that.
I have to admit I just wasn’t expecting these to be this good, but I loved every bite. I know I say that as a self confessed cinnamon addict, so these warming spices work well for me, but seriously these are something special.I’m ordering more boxes, four in a pack just isn’t enough.
By Cinabar

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Doug said...

Surprisingly delicious and moreish, with a bit of a crunch. I think most supermarkets have them now.