22 November 2014

Twinings Velvety Vanilla Flavour Chai Latte (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Presented in loose leaf pyramid tea bags these Vanilla Flavour Chai Latte are a limited edition, so if they're good you may need to rush out and buy some. Predominantly vanilla and black tea, there are instructions on the back of the packet in order to produce a chai latte. If you want to produce a chai latte then you'll need one tea bag, and a mug or glass to brew a third full (or empty depending on your outlook of life) of freshly boiled water. The three minutes of brewing time you could use to heat up the other two thirds of milk and froth it (or get someone else to do that if you're lazy like me). Now once you've fit it all into your mug (or heat proof glass) then add a bit of sugar (if you're mad, like Cinabar), or not if you prefer the full flavour of the tea (like me). Described in the title as "Velvety" I can certainly agree with that. The vanilla flavour was definitely present in the smell and taste, yet the syrup in the ingredients gave this lightly spiced black tea a sweet caramel flavour at the end of each mouthful. Not that this was wholly unpleasant, but it pulled me away slightly from the vanilla velvetiness at the end of the drink. I enjoyed this Twinings Velvety Vanilla Flavour Chai Latte, but I'm not one for adding sugar or syrup to hot drinks. I like the ingredients as they are, without the added sweetness. I guess I'm just sweet enough! ;-p

Information on the packet;
12 pyramid tea bags. Ingredients included; black tea, vanilla, spice and syrup flavourings (26%)
By Spectre


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

Such a shame they added syrup to this...I also prefer chai without added sweetness.

cinabar said...

A bit sweet even for my sweet tooth - but it was nicer than the Bollywood Chai, which I just couldn't drink.