7 December 2015

British Apple & Sloe Berry Presse with Elderberry Drink (M&S) [By @Cinabar]

On Saturday we did a fair amount of our Christmas shopping, it was busy but it did feel good to break the back of it. Having collated everything from Christmas cards to the obligatory socks it was time for some refreshment. I had a quick peek is Starbucks but there were no tables and the queue was out of the door. It seemed everyone had the same idea. Opposite our branch is a Marks and Sparks so we decided to retreat in there instead. The cafe was busy but at least there were tables and a manageable queue. I had got quite warm shopping, I think it's the problem that you put a coat on to go out and then end up in heated shopping wearing your outdoors gear. I decided then to have a cold drink and immediately this New drink caught my eye, well it would wouldn't it. My first thoughts were that the title of the drink wasn't that catchy in that it had quite a few words in its title: Sparkling British Apple and Sloe Berry Presse with Elderberry.
There was a small amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottle so I lightly shook it, only a little though as it is a carbonated drink and I was trying to avoid a volcano. I poured some out into my glass and took my first sip. It was only lightly carbonated and had a gentle fizz. The drink has some lovely complex flavours in it, there is a gentle sweetness to it, but it is clearly aimed at more mature taste buds. The apple does add some sweetness but the Sloe Berry gave it a slightly bitter tangy edge, and the aftertaste was the delicate floral taste of elderberry. There was so much depth to the flavour that every sip was a complete pleasure. Every element was spot on, the sloe berry adding a particularly nice touch to the drink. The taste was outstanding, and one I'll be visiting Mark's food hall just to find a bottle to take home.
By Cinabar

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