30 December 2015

Ray Gray Pork Crackling with Apple Sauce (Asda) [By @SpectreUK]

I do love a bag of pork crackling now and then, especially with a pint of ale to wash it down with. I generally look around for twice or triple cooked pork crackling as they are less crunchy on my old teeth. Produced locally by Ray Gray in Rugeley, Staffordshire, this pork cracking has the original idea of an added pot of apple sauce in the packet. However I'm not a fan of apple with my roast pork Sunday dinners. Though I've never tried pork crackling dipped in apple, I'm not sure apple, even with pork crackling goes well with beer. Maybe cider (?), but it was already too late and I'd poured myself a pint of ale.

Opening the packet these pork crackling smelt mouth-wateringly fantastic. The first piece had a decent crunch and a very mild saltiness to the pork crackling flavour. I noticed the dinky little pot of apple sauce in the packet (see photograph) was covered all over with pork crackling crumbs. You may want to brush these crumbs off or if you're like me put the pot in your mouth like a child and lick it all over (not to be undertaken in polite company). I'd advise you to do the later because the salty pork crumbs tasted great. The pot was full of small pieces of apple in a gooey sauce. I dipped my second piece of pork crackling into the apple sauce and was surprised at how good they both tasted together. The apple complemented the saltiness in the pork perfectly. So I enjoyed dipping the rest of my pork crackling into the apple sauce. Perhaps a New Year's resolution should be to try more things I expect not to enjoy? Happy New Year and thanks for reading.

Information on the bag;
80g, with 340 calories per 100g, having 23.3g of fat, and 4.6g of sugar. For ingredients see photograph.
By Spectre

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