12 December 2015

El Gringo Beer and Cheese (Wine & Cheese Emporium, Trentham Gardens)

Reminiscent of the Black Bob Beer and Cheese I tried sometime ago, this is the El Gringo Beer and Cheese I must admit avoiding a little. The cheese is flavoured with chilli, lime and Tequila, and blew Cinabar's top when she tried it in the shop because of its chilli factor. However, I did try the cheese and thoroughly liked it. So here goes again, but first the beer...

Brewed for the Cheshire Cheese Company this blonde beer has a light refreshing fizz, a decent hoppy bitterness followed by citrus undertones and I think maybe a dash of Tequila, but this was very mild indeed. Everything about the beer was set to cool you down after eating the cheese, so it seemed. Boy does the cheese have kick and a jolly tasty one indeed! There are red flecks and green flecks of chilli and green flakes of pepper dotted throughout the strong yellow Cheddar cheese. As soon as the chilli hit my tastebuds the creaminess of the cheese stepped in mixed with the lime oil flavour. There is Tequila shove straight afterwards moving into the aftertaste as with, and dare I say the time honoured joke; "Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff?" Answer; "TEQUILA!!"

Information on the labels;
Beer 4.5% volume in a 500ml bottle.
Cheese ingredients; Cheddar cheese, green chilli, red chilli, green pepper flakes, lime oil and Tequila.

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