5 December 2015

Cantonese Hoisin Duck (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

Fancying hot noodle pot meals with my lunches this time of year I saw this Cantonese Hoisin Duck in the local supermarket. Produced for their Naked Noodle range by Symingtons in Leeds, this noodle pot is their take on a traditional Chinese delight of which I've enjoyed in various forms, such crispy duck salads and hoisin duck wraps, in a variety of restaurants. On opening the pot there was a hearty spring oniony Hoisin Duck smell from the pile of dried noodles in the bottom of the plastic pot. Amongst the dried egg noodles were diced dried carrots and spring onions. I filled the pot with freshly boiled water to the 260ml mark and left it for 4 minutes stirring a couple of times as instructed (I know: me following instructions shocker!).

After a while a thick dark brown Hoisin sauce was produced, making the dried noodles and vegetables come alive. The concoction certainly smelt like crispy duck in Hoisin sauce. It also tasted great, full of duck flavour in a traditional feeling Hoisin sauce. The short thin noodles didn't prove much of a problem for my chin and so it remained almost clean throughout eating. The sauce had a tanginess mixed with the crispy duck, and then a ginger and light black pepper spice to the sauce that made my tastebuds stand up a little, but the spring onion flavour smoothed out the glorious warming spices. I found it hard to stop eating this Cantonese Hoisin Duck noodle soup once I'd started and only wished there was more once I'd finished. I'd certainly recommend this if you want a healthy feeling warming pick me up at lunchtime and a more refined flavour of noodle pot!

Information on the pot;
323g (with water added) has 273 calories, with 1.9g of fat, 9.7g of sugar and 2.03g of salt. No artificial colours or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians! Ingredients in the photograph.
By Spectre

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