18 December 2015

Kettle Chips Beef, Red Wine and Shallot Crisps (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

On the run up to Christmas we have been trying out various sharing bags of crisps. Kettle Chip’s latest flavour doesn’t sound that seasonal, but as I like meaty flavours they still sounded pretty good. They are still a Seasonal Edition, so have been made with the holidays in mind.
The flavour sounds fairly complex mixing three major ingredients, but they smelt simply rather beefy when the bag was opened. As with all Kettle Chips the crisps are fairly thickly cut and have a sharp snap to them, I think it is supposed to add to the poshness. ;-)
As for flavour I found them very tasty and moreish. They are almost gravy like in taste, I think it is the combination of beef and shallot giving these a less posh feel of onion gravy. It wouldn’t be fair to say that the red wine element wasn’t there, because there was a hint of it in the background, along with a little sweetness. Its just that the main flavour is the shallot and beef, with a hint of salt. I’m not complaining, I found the flavour to be seriously tasty.
Although they are quite posh sounding, I think anyone who likes meaty crisps will love these, and as such they will be a success in any bowl for sharing over the Christmas season.
By Cinabar

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