20 December 2015

Dairy Free Mylk Rebel Kitchen Chocolate; Pulsin Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie (by @NLi10)

As a break from Christmas here are a few things that I've used as sustainence while pottering around the shops.

I picked these two up at a small shop in London but used them to survive the Birmingham crowds. First up we have an odd little non dairy milk shake.

I've not heard of Rebel Kitchen but this was really quite nice. It was a bit small for the price, but that could have been London. Not as thick as a real milk shake but vegan and award winning it was a nice little chocolate hit and quite refreshing.

I had second thoughts about this little Pulsin bar, it evoked memories of carob and other upsetting foods. This again was a flavour and texture win. I'd actively seek more of these out. While not quite as cakey as a real brownie it didn't stray into the plastic region that some of these bars do. Deeply chocolatey and filling enough to allow room for a few sharing bites I certainly want more from this range. That little papershop near Hammersmith tube knows their stuff!

Bonus Danish Update:

I got to work this week and a half Danish colleague of mine had bought the Danish Christmas cookies that I decided not to pick up due to been horribly overloaded at the time.  It makes a nice addition to my Tiger review from last week.

This looks like gingerbread, but is actually closer in texture to fine shortbread. The layers and snap here are lovely and the flavour is less gingery and more mysterious. Which means you have to eat more. And the tub is pretty huge so this is amazing for sharing. Like the butter cookies I suspect this is cheap so you get to share them and people ask where you got them from. I'm going to pick up some of these for the family I'm sure!

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