15 December 2015

Salmon Pearls (M&S) [By @Cinabar]

I was having a look around Marks and Spencer food hall, seeing what was new when these pearls caught my eye. They looked quite shiny and stunning, perfect for a starter on Christmas Day lunch. These had a use by date before then so I decided to try them out amongst a platter of cooked meats and cheese as a quick supper.

The pearl is actually a ball of salmon, cream cheese and lemon mousse in an edible pearl coloured coating, displayed on a shell. There is a piece of samphire too (think seaweed mixed with asparagus) but its pretty much there for the garnish. It had picked up a glimmer of edible pearl dust too, but I don't think this was intentional. The pearls are very shiny and their coating had clearly touched much of the box inside as well, its glimmering coating was everywhere. Thankfully the pearls were still fully formed, even if they had moved about.

We served them on their shells, but soon cut into them to reveal the mousse inside. The mouse was firm but still easily spread on bread. The flavour was a nice mix of acidic lemon and fresh salmon. There was was more citrus than I'd been expecting but I liked the zingy favour as it gave a lovely fresh taste with smooth salmon and the cream cheese.
Ok we all know I like my novelty food products and these do fit well into that category. These also have class too, and would make an ideal starter on Christmas Day, the kind of thing that would wow guests, but also not take up much preparation time. Win win then. :-)
By Cinabar

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Bess said...

Are you able to freeze the salmon pearls?