8 December 2015

Jaffa Cake - Cake Bars - Double Choc (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

Individually wrapped cake bars like these are perfect for lunch boxes and an easy treat. There never seems to be that much variation in the flavours available, even seasonally its more of a rehash of old flavours rebranding with something christmassy in the title. Halloween ’S’lime anyone?
Although these didn’t seem that adventurous either the idea of a double chocolate with orange did seem quite pleasant, so I decided to pick up a pack. Inside the packet are five individually wrapped bars. I quickly unwrapped one.
I suppose the first thing to note was that the coating of the chocolate actually looked surprisingly dark, and once it was broken in half you could see the sponge was chocolate coloured too. The layer of Jaffa orange looked thick and gooey and generously proportioned.
I was impressed with the flavour, the chocolate had a nice level of bitterness to it, and the chocolate taste was really quite strong. The orange was lovely and tangy and the combination worked remarkably well. I have to admit to not expecting much of a change with these cake bars from the regular Jaffa ones, but I really enjoyed them. Certainly on the recommended list for a quick chocolate cakey snack.
By Cinabar

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Yummy treat