31 December 2015

Spanish Persimon Unboxing (by @NLi10)

We get lots of crazy post in our house. Lots from the one company that always uses the same courier - and always seems to send international goodies.

Here we have a lovely silver box of what I initially assumed were oranges - but were actually more exotic.

Here hiding in the festive packing were 6 Persimon - the pearl of Valencia!  To me these kind of looked like a cross between an apple and a tomato.

There are some lovely facts and pictures here - and they say it tastes like my favourite stone fruits!

Only when I (badly) cut ours up to eat they just weren't that exciting. The skin is a little too hard to be enjoyable, and the insides a bit mushy to carve neat slices out of. The flavour didn't really have any noticeable sweetness or sharpness to speak of and it left me thinking I'd done something wrong. 

The picture on the left with the perfect pattern of light and dark was visible in parts of the ones we ate but I just couldn't get excited about the flavour. Maybe I need to find someone who is an expert in Persimon to advise on serving. We gave the other 4 to various family members who were bigger fans than us so maybe it's one for those who prefer their flavours to be more delicate. I did like the cinnamon in the box and the smell from that was far more to my liking.

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