24 December 2015

Aldi Christmas Reindeer - Dark and White (by @NLi10)

Here we have the Aldi Christmas Reindeer. But this year they have dark and white chocolate versions!

Look at them with their sweet little moose-like medalions. And look how thick the chocolate is!

The Lindt versions are a little fragile and don't require quite as much force to get in to.

And here we can see the heads for sampling! The White chocolate is fairly creamy and while not green and blacks quality is interesting enough. It's possibly not as sweet as a milky-bar but similarly would appeal to the younger generation.

The dark choc version wasn't as bitter as I'd hoped for but was a nice enough quality. Not quite a Bournville but certainly friendly enough for the masses. It had a nice deep flavour and like the white snapped satisfyingly.

We popped the rest of them in the fridge for future snacking, but who could do such a terrible thing to such a nice pair of reindeer?

Oh Mr. Toad... There are nicer ways to get more medals for your collection!

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