29 December 2015

Raspberry Tiramisu (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I went to pick up a pack of Tiramisu for our fridge, as they seem to have become a stock item for us, and I spotted a new Raspberry Tiramisu. I’m pretty sure tis new, I’ve seen them before and I spend time in the desserts section of the supermarket. For blogging purposes obviously… These Tiramisu don’t actually have a “new” label on them though, and as I overthought the concept of adding fruit to Tiramisu my left hand added them to the trolley. So here we are…
I opened up the packet and found that they looked pretty much like regular Tiramisu. Indeed the Mascarpone layer on top looks identical to the regular Tiramisu I normally purchase, dusted with cocoa powder. The top of the desserts tastes the same too, creamy and sweet with a layer of Masala soaked sponge underneath. The difference is that under this layer is a soft layer of raspberry fruit. It isn’t as sweet as a jam, but has that sort of texture. It is a sharper flavour, but not to strong and it did work well with the other flavours. I wasn’t sure that it would as Tiramisu already contains a complex array of tastes, but I have to admit the raspberry did add to it.
I do like a regular Tiramisu but this was nice for a change, something a bit different and one I will buy again, assuming they are there after the Seasonal goodies disappear.
By Cinabar

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Unknown said...

Although the reduction in the chocolate topping is disappointing, the addition of the raspberry makes the new tiramisu fabulous! I shall make sure my fridge is never without it.