16 December 2015

Humpy Dumpy Chilli Garlic Flavoured Tortilla Chips (Pinoy Foods) [By @SpectreUK]

Yes it's that famous character Humpty Dumpty... Oh, no wait, what happened to the 't's? Humpy Dumpy is a corn character who allegedly pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall and stole his identity. Only problem was that Humpy couldn't spell... it makes for a pretty rubbish rhyme also, but never mind. On opening the bag these mini tortillas had a glorious sweet chilli smell to them. On first bite the lightly crunchy tortillas had an initial sumptuous sweet chilli flavour that tickled and played in an over friendly manner with the garlic as both ended up doing a cheerful jig into the aftertaste. None of the vicious murderous identity stealing pushing off a wall business here. Although that's perhaps how Humpy pushed Humpty off the wall; over friendly one second then wham at the moment Humpty dropped his guard? There was no burning wham of chilli with these tortillas. The wham probably comes when you try and kiss someone after eating them as the garlic aftershock was pretty strong! However, I found these Humpy Dumpy Chilli Garlic Flavour Tortilla Chips unputdownable once I'd started eating them. Try them, but don't expect a snog afterwards!

Information on the bag;
110g bag. Ingredients; corn, palm and coconut oil, iodised salt, sugar, hydrolysed plant protein from wheat and soya beans, natural garlic, natural chilli, mono sodium glutamate, flavour enhancer and vitamin A acetate.
By Spectre


Lisa said...

Humpy Dumpy... summarises my last relationship :\ perhaps Humpy and Humpty were 'involved' before the egg came crashing down?

They sound good though, everyone loves garlic afterburps!

cinabar said...

Tell me about it - I just had garlic mushrooms ;-)