6 December 2015

Christmas at Bletchley Park [@NLi10]

Having been a bit ( a lot) Ill recently I haven't really been eating much food of note. This is the reason for no Thursday review and back to back 'Christmas experience' write ups.

This weekend we were at Bletchely Park - home of the code breakers and inspiration for hit movie 'The Immitation Game'. It was cold - layers were required. And I suspect there is slightly more warmth in the huts than there was in the 40s.

It features the whole process from Enigma...

And through the mansion that oversees the huts the important maths was done in.

Christmas spirits are in evidence as there are authentic posters for a fancy dress night on Christmas Day and there are small presents and handmade cards dotted around the offices. It's a small but lovely touch.

Hut 4 has not been historically recreated or filled with interactive displays - instead it has a canteen. As all the posters say how poor the wartime mass catering was on site it was with trepidation that we went in for the soup deal.

£3.50 gets you really good soup, fresh spongy bread and butter and croutons. Turing never had it this good, maybe Welchman let them have lemonade at Christmas?

Pudding was a fab (if not a bit sugary) crumble. While I'm not sure id come back just for the food I'd happily pay for more here.  The entry tickets are an annual pass so we can in fact go back for free!

The soup was leek not carrot but there are fewer war time posters about leeks. Well maybe the secret information kind I guess.

And here we see the code breaking bombe itself! Not a real one - they all got dismantled as secrets at the end of the war. They have remade one in the museum to demo to visitors, but I forgot to take pictures of that so this is the dummy one for the film. 

We had a great day and if it was closer we'd certainly get another use out of those tickets as we didn't finish the museum completely - there is a lot of fascinating stuff going on. And the food was proper, period quality!

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