22 December 2015

Kettle Chips White Stilton and Cranberry Relish (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

We recently wrote about Kettle Chips Seasonal Edition of Beef, Red Wine And Shallots but this isnt their only limited edition this Christmas. We also spotted these Kettle Chips flavoured with White Stilton and Cranberry Relish and thought we'd give them a taste test too.
Once the bag was openned they had a very mild aroma, slightly creamy if anything. We shared out the bag between us and tucked in.
The texture of the crisps is crunchy and firm, they feel posh as they are thicker cut, like all Kettle Chips. They certainly have a feel of a premium snack if you are trying to impress this Christmas.
The taste was very mild though. They had a nice gentle flavour, creamy and smooth. The cheese aspect was light and not heady and musty. The cranberry relish gave this a pleasant fruity tang for an aftertaste, but again it was very easy going. Think mild cheese cheese with just slight berry tang.
I'd find it hard to imagine that anyone could dislike these crisps, they are easy to eat and not offensive. They are perfect if you intend to share them with people who may have an aversion to strong tastes, or just want something easy going for a larger party. However I'd rate the Beef, Red Wine and Shallot ones head and heals above these for my tastes, but then I love meaty crisps.
By Cinabar

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