3 April 2016

Morinaga Silken Firm Tofu (by @NLi10)

I got asked if I'd like to try some tofu. Seeing as I love soft fresh tofu I jumped at the chance! Turns  a brand I've had before - morinaga's mori-nu tofu in their distinctive and frankly superb packaging.

We also got sent a Jospeh Joseph chopping board which was really handy.

This folds up neatly so you can drain and chop and rinse all in one.

It's mechanism is so smooth that even arthritic old me can click and unclick without problems.

Cutting open the tofu unexpectedly attracted a kitten.

She was keen to see that it wasn't veggies

I slid out a section of the tofu and left the rest in the pack for another day.  As expected this is top quality stuff - a blank canvas with which to create all kinds of delights.

Today I was looking for quick and simple so I just threw a few quality things from the kitchen together. 

And Luna watched...

I shallow fried the tofu with this Schwartz Grill Mate. This is amazing with things like tofu or Quorn that adsorb the flavours. And because you can adjust the size of the flakes you can control it really well. This was a Christmas present and I'm certainly buying more but because it goes down so slowly when you don't use it as big flakes over steak this may last for ages!

Bam. Instant flavoured tofu.

In the background we have the Organic Edamame Spaghetti I've mentioned in passing before. This is just beans and water made into protein pasta and it's amazing. It's not that strongly flavoured and is more noodle-like really, but it works well. I accidentally used a bit too little today - maybe I was thinking of the seaweed.

I chopped up some sun dried tomatoes and called it a meal. Maybe a little small of a portion (we had pudding) but we both agreed it was a fab little meal and something that ember to buy veggies for and cook again.

As expected the tofu had great texture and we could have even made it firmer with freezing and extra draining. With the box still sealed at one end I can pop some sauce in there to marinade it for a zingier meal 2. It's real quick and versatile and with the totally sealed package I'm happy to have one ready for a special meal at a moments notice.

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VeganFire said...

Silken Tofu is so Versatile. It can be used to make quiches, scramble and desserts but the best thing is Vegan Diner Smoky Mountain Cheese (you can leave out the agar to make a creamy cheese instead): http://veggiesforme.com/2011/07/17/delicious-vegan-cheese-alternativeseriously/