27 September 2016

Absolute Black 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate @Montezumas By @Cinabar

My brother likes dark chocolate, he like’s flavours a lot darker than myself, so when he raved about a 100% cocoa bar he’d tried, I felt cautious about the flavour. I have tried 100% cocoa bars before and have always been impressed by just how bad they taste. They always smell nice, but the flavour ends up being bizarrely rather confused, almost like soil. Apparently this bar from Montezumas is different, or so my brother said. Then he bought me a bar, so I felt obliged to give it a try.
The bar is called Montezuma’s Absolute Black and indeed the chocolate is very dark in colour, and the ingredients simply state 100% cocoa mass. Things to note is that there is no sugar in it, none at all. I like sugar…

I broke a piece of the chocolate off, and it had a hard snap. It took a bit of strength to break as it is quite a solid bar. The aroma was very rich and dark and indeed smelt very chocolatey. I gave it the taste test, expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised. The bar has a thick melt for one without any added cream. The flavour tasted almost sweetened, it is far from being a sweet bar but there was a gentle soft edge to the dark bitter flavour. This made the bar surprisingly pleasant, rich dark but perfectly edible. Ideal if you are after a sugar free bar, and something a bit different. This is by far the nicest high cocoa bar I have eaten, and the flavour thoroughly impressed me. I had envisaged trying it and using the rest up grated, mixed with sugar to make hot chocolate, which is what I have done with every other high cocoa bar I’ve tried. I shall happily munch my way through the rest of this chocolate and simply enjoy its rich dark tones.


paulham said...

I has 100% cocoa dark chocolate a long time ago.
I love chocolate. This, this was somewhat different.
Edible, yes. Enjoyable, not so much.

Kevs Snack Reviews said...

Where did your brother buy this? Sounds right up my street I love a good 100%. I usually get the ones from hotel chocolat.

cinabar said...

Paulham - this was actually nice!
Kev - just a local shop to him in Leeds, bet its available online though.