8 September 2016

GNAW - Lemon Meringue (@NLi10) from @OxfamHarborne

I love white chocolate with a lemon flavour, so when I was gifted this via an Oxfam shop visit to Harborne I was overjoyed.

It's FairTrade, and made with actual cocoa and lemon - which is shockingly rare for the non chocolate flavoured chocolates!

The taste is great too - that lovely sweet and sour mix that reminds me of childhood Christmas chocolates and more recently lemon pancakes.

The packaging is surprisingly inventive too, from the bite marks to the dividing lines that encourage you to work your way through the packet.

The meringue on top is quality too, rounding off a nice choc bar that is both suitable for gifting and sharing as well as repeat buys for selfish snacking. Hooray!!

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