3 September 2016

Red Diesel Cider (@GwatkinCider Cosford Food Festival) [By @SpectreUK]

I picked up this Red Diesel Cider, by Gwatkin Cider, in Herefordshire, at the Cosford Food Show a couple of weeks ago. So the label tells me it’s named after the diesel that farmers use in their trackers when they are not on the road. Strawberry juice is added in the making of this cider. At 4% volume Red Diesel cider screams “Red” at you from the bottle. Just staring at the bright red liquid made me wonder if this drink would taste anything like cider or would it taste like a children’s pop drink. There was only one way to find out…
On opening the 500ml glass bottle there was a pleasing cider smell mixed in with the sweet strawberry aroma. On taste this drink is clearly a cider first. It’s sour apple undertones leapt out of the glass and stamped on my tastebuds in no uncertain terms “I am a cider!” Even though the cider is bright red, the strawberry flavour comes a close second and is sweet and juicy like sprinkles of summer rolling around my palate and all from a glass of cider. Pure joy. Drink it on a hot day cooled for freshness or a wet dreary day to cheer you up.

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