22 September 2016

Lemon mojito green tea - happylemon Birmingham (@NLi10)

There are few things in life that I like more than sitting down. This experience is only enhanced by having some kind of tea, and something to look at. Happy Lemon in Birmingham has all of these, with the latter consisting of a steady stream of people looking curiously at the odd concoctions on offer. You have to wait a while to get a pic with no one in it.  Keen readers will know I've been here before and suspected I'd end up with a loyalty card (I did) and that I'd get enough points for a badge (I have but they ran out!!).

But waiting a while is a pleasurable activity with a tea.  Especially another new pick off the menu.

Look how crazy this looks! It's full name is Emerald green mojito and lemon tea  I think, but owning to the lots of translations it's name is different in different places - and like Subway you can order pretty much anything and get new teas every time.

At £4.20 for a large it's not the cheapest, but it is worth it to sit in the cool surroundings and to experience a fresh and new taste.

This one isn't too lemony or too strong on the tea and the mint carries it. If I'd had it hot and sweeter it'd be a much more Morroccan style drink, but as it stands it's refreshing and not too strong. I do hanker for the intense honey lemon tea, but I'm sticking to having a variety of taste sensations.

(Note: between writing this and sticking it up I went back for a honey lemon green tea - amazing)

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