17 September 2016

Blind Pig Cider (Cosford Food Show) By @SpectreUK

I picked up this Blind Pig Whisky, Honey and Apple Premium Flavoured Cider at the Cosford Food Show a few weeks back. Produced in Belgium, I first thought that the name Blind Pig came from a pig that became blind drunk on drinking a few of these ciders down on the cider apple farm. Although apparently the underground Speakeasies in 1920s prohibition America were called Blind Pigs, which in turn inspired this flavoured cider instead. I prefer the drunken bacon sandwich wannabe though…

On opening, this sparkling flavoured cider had a predominantly sour cider apple aroma to it (try saying that sentence after a few of these 4% volume treats), which was not what I was expecting. I had expected more of a hit from the whisky than I received, and also more sweetness from the honey in the smell. However on taste the whisky was present straight away merging well with the sour cider apple and with a honey sweetness to finish off the flavour. I found this a perfect warmer on a damp late summer’s evening and it would be great in the autumn and winter too to help keep out the cold. Also available in the range are Rum and Poached Pear, and also Bourbon and Blueberry flavoured ciders. I am rather glad I picked the bottle I did though, as I’m not keen on blueberries, and rum may really overpower the cider and pear. They may be for another time though. I would be interested as to where I could locate more of these Blind Pig Whisky, Honey and Apple ciders though…?

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