21 September 2016

Firefly Kiwi, Lime & Mint (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

I picked up this Firefly Kiwi, Lime & Mint drink in the local supermarket, as it sounded interesting. I then realised upon reading the back of the bottle when arriving home that it is supposed to be in homage to the classic mojito. I haven’t heard of kiwi in mojitos before, hence my confusion. Usually white rum, lime, mint and soda, this drink has kiwi, lime and mint without the white rum. I’m kind of glad that this isn’t supposed to be exactly like a traditional alcoholic mojito, as I’ve never enjoyed one. I’ve tasted non-alcoholic mojitos that Cinabar has drunk and not liked those either, as they are usually pretty heavy on the lime and mint, which doesn’t suite me. I picked this up not thinking about mojitos at all until I read the back of the bottle and understandably avoided opening it for some time afterwards…

On opening the glass bottle there was a strong mojitoesque smell to it, without the rum spirit smell of course, but containing lime and mint with an aftershock of kiwi as the additional flavour. On taste the kiwi pulled my tastebuds away from the mojito dread of heavy lime and mint, taking the edge off those flavours a little. I think the other ingredients may have helped also, such as hints of apple, white grape, pineapple, and a dash of rosemary. In fact this drink tasted like a refreshing tropical mocktail mojito, pushing back the often-overpowering flavours and with a twist of kiwi, etc.... And a good twist at that!

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