6 September 2016

New Cadbury Dinky Deckers (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

The Double Decker chocolate bar used to be one of my favourite bars of chocolate. It was a bar of choice before starting on this blog, now I buy whatever is new or limited edition and that means I've not had some of the classics for years. For example, I've not had plain Dairy Milk for a long time either.

Anyway, the launch of the new Dinky Deckers meant I got to taste test some chocolate that was a new twist on an old favourite. I know these are called "dinky" so there were some clues in the name, but I was still surprised by how small the chocolate bites were! I think I'd assumed they would be slices of the bigger bar but covered in chocolate, they are actually a whole new miniature version of the bigger bar. This meant that the layers that make up the “double decker" element are smaller and the rice crispy bits are tiny, but they are still there.
Indeed the mix of textures worked surprisingly well for a small bite of chocolate. The nougat was soft and flavoursome and the top half of the bar packed a decent crunchy texture. The nougat didn't have quite as much vanilla as I remember. The crispy bits may have been small, but they did their part and I ended up really liking the mix of textures, soft but crispy. The flavours of chocolate and nougat were good, although there was a higher ratio of chocolate on each small bite. I poured a few of these Dinky Deckers  out to munch on and got through them far to quickly. They seemed to just disappear. Next time I'll try and remember what a sharing bag is... honest. For now I'm back hooked on the Double Decker taste.


paulham said...

Didn't think these worthy of the name to be honest :(

tahrey said...

Bought a bag of them yesterday as they actually made better economic sense than a regular single bar OR a multipack (weird - introductory price?). And, well, it's about time really. Normal ones are satisfying but unless I've a serious hunger or sugar crash I end up only having a half or even a third and leaving the rest, somewhat messily, in a drawer or the fridge to finish another day. This is a much better solution.

To be honest I'd expected to open the bag and find they were just normal double deckers cut up, in the way that my nan used to cut up mars bars and put them in a box in the fridge - and, well, I could do that myself, merely more expensively... ;) ... but no, they're actually smaller in outline, and fully coated too, like something from God's own special version of Roses.

Hopefully they'll stick around.

cinabar said...

tahrey - me too, I enjoyed them. Apparently they are making sharing Twix in a similar format