11 September 2016

Arabian Pulled Lamb Pizza - Papa Johns (@NLi10)

Papa John has continued to be good to us recently. They offered us the opportunity to try their Arabian Pulled Lamb pizza on its launch week for free. Naturally after realising that we need larger portions for a party we ordered two extra pizza which gives us enough for 5 people, or in this case 4 with lunch the following day for two of us.

I invited round my sister who is a massive fan of lamb, and her partner for a few games of cards with myself and my veggie partner.

While I remember Papa Johns wanted us to tell you about the special offer for customers who want to try this pizza, with a small pizza for just £5 (with any order above £10.99 that includes a pizza).  

Actually this works out fine as you all get a slice of the new pizza alongside what you already ordered. Personally I'll never do this, and you probably shouldn't either, but I have my reasons...

First up we have the Garden Party - a good, solid veggie pizza that was mostly for my partner.  She enjoyed it.

Next up we have a split pizza of Supreme Peperoni/All The Meats. The thinking behind this was to hark back to our last review and have half the pizza with the reduced fat cheese option, and the other half with the regular cheese option. Unfortunately I couldn't see how to do this online and didn't want to try to explain this requirement over the phone. I thought it would be a fun mini review within the review (reviewception?) but alas, I had to settle for the two meaty options instead.  If Papa Johns made the options for the cheese a bit more obvious in the splits then it would have been good to try.  
We didn't really discuss the relative merits here as the All The Meats half vanished almost instantly, more flavour and variety is clearly better. 

And so to the main event.

The pizza had the traditional Papa Johns smell, but there were definite extra flavours here that were new. I'd not really anticipated the chillies on here, but wasn't phased and took two decent sized slices as my first portion.

The lamb looks good, and there is a decent coverage of ingredients. Essentially it tastes like a kebab with chillies on it, and a good quality one at that. I live in a very diverse area and can get Morrocan and Arabian kebabs within walking distance, and this is closer to the spicy Arabian target than I expected. The chillies are also really sweet and spicy and are what make this pizza work so well. All The Meats is one of my favourite deliver pizzas, this is better.  My sister's partner agreed, he liked the heat and the flavour and agreed that it was very much something new that he'd not tried on a pizza.

My sister is a big fan of lamb. When we shared this house she'd frequently fill it with the smell of slowly cooking lamb. This is not something I enjoyed, and my veggie partner had to leave on one occasion as the smell was so bad. (Side note: our veggie companion said this pizza actually smelt ok so it passes that test to!).  We took the chillies off because my sister isn't a fan of spicy, but even then there were some bites she found too intense. She also thought the lamb was a little tasteless and suggested that a minty lamb version would have been much more up her street.

She was a big thumbs down. We were a big thumbs up!

Overall the opinion of the pizzas was positive, especially of the Arabian Pulled Lamb. While Papa Johns special offer is very generous I'd personally ignore it. If you like spicy pizzas then just order the whole thing right away - and use one of the other special offers to get it cheap, if you don't like spicy pizzas then you probably aren't going to get the best out of it and the offer isn't for you.

We will certainly be ordering this again, and while it really isn't for veggies (and you have to be able to tolerate the heat) it is one of the most interesting pizzas I've had in years and worth a special order just to try.

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