7 September 2016

Walkers Ham & Mustard Crisps (Boots) [By @SpectreUK]

As part of the collaboration with Heinz, Walkers have produced these Ham & Mustard flavoured crisps. These crisps have been made with Heinz Mild New York Deli Style Mustard flavouring, which I have to admit that I’m sad to say I haven’t tried. I do like ham and mustard sandwiches, but generally go for the hotter English mustard. However, there is a place for milder mustard and I should remember that next time I’m in the local supermarket.

There was a decent ham smell on opening the packet with a hint of mustard spice. On taste these yellowish crisps had more of a zingy tasty mustard flavour to them to begin with followed by a ham flavour that merged together into the aftertaste. I found these crisps really tasty and felt doubly lucky because Cinabar could only find one packet in the shop. Get them whilst stocks last!
Information on the packet;
40g packet with 210 calories, 13g of fat, 1.3g of sugar and 0.52g of salt. These crisps are suitable for vegetarians. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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