28 September 2016

Mangajo Goji-berry & Green Tea (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Recently Cinabar and her mom have been mad on Smoothies they keep making from a contraption they have in the kitchen. It blends just about anything (including fingers of the unwary) and makes the most horrendous noise. I can hear it outside, or upstairs, or even in the car… anywhere! Shocking! Anyway, I thought I’d get in on the fruit drink game, but without the noise and the weird desire to chew when trying to drink a thick Smoothie.

This Mangajo Goji-berry & Green Tea drink is an infusion of green tea and goji-berry juice. Noting from the ingredients there is also apple and mandarin added. I don’t think I’ve tried anything with goji-berry juice in it before. I know we have goji-berry plant in the back garden that simply refuses to bear fruit. I digress, on smell this still orange coloured drink has a citrusy aroma with strong hints of mandarin. On taste mandarin is a more dominant flavour with goji-berry and apple cutting off the shear mandarin flavour and giving this refreshing drink a more mixed fruity taste. This drink is an innovative step away from the usual mixed red fruits that seems to dominate the shelves in the stores. I would have it again, as it didn’t last long once opened and gave me a quick buzz first thing in the morning.

Information on the bottle;

250ml bottle has 75 calories, negligible salt and fat, and having 16g of sugar. Ingredients included; water, fruit juices; apple, goji berry, and mandarin; green tea infusion, colour; safflower and lemon, acidity regulator; citric acid.

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