23 September 2016

New Kit Kat Chunky - Cookie Dough (Londis) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat aren’t known for their adventure of new flavours in the UK market, have released this Kit Kat Cookie Dough Chunky. I was quite excited, looking everywhere for some sort of their usual caramel filling, but i could find none, this was all new!
The bar has the usual thick chocolate of the Kit Kat Chunky, the wafers and a layer of cookie dough style filling. It is a cream colour, and is quite thick inside the bar.

I gave the bar a bite and if I’m totally honest, couldn’t distinguish it from a regular Kit Kat Chunky. There was a vague hint of extra vanilla, a slight hint of extra sweetness, but gosh this was an anti-climax. If you like regular Kit Kat Chunky bars, you’l like this, i just doesn’t deviate much from those flavours.
There was potential here, but the Cookie Dough just doesn’t add much to the formula.
I guess Kit Kat are still playing it rather safe with this Cookie Dough edition, the differences in over all flavour between this and the original bar and minor unfortunately. At least a new caramel edition would have had some, well, caramel flavour. I can’t imagine a world where we get the Japanese edition Kit Kats mainstream here in the UK (think Wasabi Kit Kat, Sweet Potato Kit Kat etc) but I wouldn’t mind a hint of adventure - even if its just a new fruity flavour… but I look forward to the next safe edition, probably “wafer” flavour or some such.

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