4 September 2016

Spice Tailor - Punjabi Tomato Curry (@NLi10)

We've eaten a lot of meals prepared using these three part Spice Tailor meal kits. You bring the 'meat' and veg and then throw these things at them in order?

First we lightly fry the seed packet with the chillie in and release all the flavours. Then we add the meat (Quorn) and after its browned then add the small, strong base sauce. Once you've coated the ingredients you add the big main sauce - and that's it!

It feels like it should be a lot of effort, but it really isn't - and it makes the kitchen smell fantastic!

This particular variety I expected to be a bit like a Sechwan Chinese - and to blow my socks off. I bravely left all the chillie in, but it was much tamer than I expected. The flavour was really deep and fruity though and the big spices meant that there were pockets of explosive taste.

I forgot to take the picture at the start of the meal as I was quite hungry! It was very good and we will certainly continue to pick up and burn these little spice bags of amazingness to jazz up midweek meals.

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