12 November 2016

6° North Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

This Belgian IPA is brewed in the East of Scotland, 6 ° North of Brussels, in Belgium, to be precise, hence the name. It’s brewed with pure soft water, fresh barley and carbonated through secondary fermentation through bottle conditioning. All this sounded very nice indeed, and being a fan of Belgian and Scottish beer (well, just about any beer from anywhere to be honest), I couldn’t crack open the 330ml bottle soon enough. On first smell this IPA seems to be brimming with hops. There is bitterness literally flowing out of the top of the overexcited bottle. The floral hops dance around the aroma as the malted barley struggles to push in to the after-smell. This 6.6% volume beer pours with a gloriously wicked head, probably because I’d left the beer to the last month to drink it. An initial taste explosion hit me like a freight train of bitter floral hops to start with moving into sweet crispy malted barley to finish. The aftertaste of 6 ° North was something that you just want to roll around the tastebuds all night. One of these beers is not enough. I remember it was the last bottle on the shelf, and I shall have to look out for more.

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