16 November 2016

Apple Pie Flavour Popcorn (Pop Works & Company) By @SpectreUK

Pop Works & Company very kindly sent us several flavours of popcorn to try. This Apple Pie flavour caught my eye next to the Sticky Toffee Pudding flavour for a dessert snack to watch with a film. I have a fairly new war film to watch that sounded pretty grim and so I needed something to cheer me through watching it. I love apple pie, especially this time of year after a roast dinner on a Sunday with lashings of custard. I don’t think custard goes with popcorn, and besides this is Wednesday!

On opening the huge 90g bag (lucky I’d been to the gym), I was treated with sweet popcorn smell mixed with apples and oh-oh… cinnamon! Now don’t get me wrong a do like cinnamon, especially in Chai tea, which is ironically is what I had on the side to wash this huge packet of popcorn down with, but unfortunately I don’t like cinnamon in apple pie. However, my brain needs to get around this, as this isn’t apple pie or apple strudel, it is apple pie flavoured popcorn! So why shouldn’t you add cinnamon? On the first two fist-fulls of popcorn to be honest with you, I couldn’t tell you why not. The sweet apple flavour hit my tastebuds first with the popcorn providing the pie(ish) flavour, and the spice from the cinnamon waving at me gently from nearby moving into the aftertaste. Very nice popcorn indeed. Perfect for a good film or a grim dark tense thriller!

Information on the packet;

The 90g packet contains 135 calories per 30g serving, 4.8g of fat, 8g of sugar and 0.15g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

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