29 November 2016

Festive Mini Macaroons (Marks & Spencer) By @cinabar

Okay so I'll cut straight to the chase, these Festive Mini Macaroons in Marks and Spencer had a sparkly coating and thats why I bought them. Add a hint of novelty, the mention of Christmas and the chances are I'll pick a new product up.
I mention this as I think that wasn't really much of a "festive" connection for these macaroons. The flavours aren't very Christmasy, the pack doesn't seem to be designed to share with festive visitors (I ate all three with a coffee) and there isn't any seasonal designs on box. There is however a very nice message about money from each sale being donated to Shelter (a homeless charity) so it certainly meets requirements for the season of good will.
These were found in the chiller section of Marks and Spencer. The Festive Mini Macaroons are tasty, the flavours are quite mild though, but there is plenty of chocolate. The  chocolate ganache and orange macaroon had the most distinctive flavour, and the sweet citrus tones mixed nicely with the rich chocolate.
The chocolate ganache and salted caramel macaroon had the mildest flavour, with the salted caramel being barely present. No need to worry about the flavour being to salty, there was just a slight rich sugary hint mixed in with the chocolate. The chocolate ganache and hazelnut macaroon did have a nice nutty hint, but again it was delicate but still enjoyable. I liked the dominant chocolate flavour in all of them.
All of the Festive Mini Macaroons had a good texture too; soft but slightly crispy. They are light and the chocolate ganache is soft and firm. These were a tasty biscuit treat, they did seem a bit overindulgent as a portion for one on a regular afternoon, but they still get the thumbs up from me.

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LJ said...

You have to try their salted caramel profiteroles (same range as these - 3 in an individual pack). They are absolutely divine!