7 November 2016

Lindt Hot Chocolate - Costa Christmas Menu - By @Cinabar

The Christmas Menu has launched at Costa with some old favourites and new treats. The Black Forest Hot chocolate is back (phew) but the White Hot Chocolate has gone this year. New on the menu is a strange sounding drink, simply Lindt hot chocolate. By strange, Imena surpsingly simple for Costa, their usual Christmas drinks sound quite adventurous. This Lindt Hot Chocolate is only available in cortardo size, i.e. quite small. It was described by the lady across the counter as a chocolate shot, intense so the small size would be enough.
I ordered it, and watch them make it using a Lindt labelled sachet that looked like a powder mixed with milk. Not actual grated chocolate, which was a bit disappointing.
The Lindt Hot Chocolate did have quite a rich flavour, but not one that I would have immediately associated with Lindt. I liked the flavour, it was strong, rich and not too sweet. I’m not sure I found it as rich as “chocolate shot”, I’d have been more than happy to drink a mug full of the stuff! The texture isn’t too thick, its is fairly light and frothy. As it comes it isn’t good for the thirsty, but it certainly hits any chocolate craving your might have. It is for the serious chocolate fan, not those that are after a mega sweet chocolate hit with syrup, cream and sprinkles. Don’t get me wrong I like those drinks too, and I look forward to testing out the rest of the Costa Christmas Menu.

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