15 November 2016

Heston Spiced Shortcrust Mince Pies With A Lemon Twist (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Okay so I’m well and truly in the Christmas swing of things now, and although I haven’t put the tree up yet I have purchased mince pies! The Heston range from Waitrose usually brings something different to a food product and this year the additional flavour to the mince pies is lemon. This doesn’t sound as adventurous as some of his previous creations (think curry and sugar popcorn), but it does sound like it would work.

The mince pies look rather impressive, they are quite large, and have a fab crumble on top. The crumble pieces are quite big, but they have the texture of soft pastry, and are lovely and buttery. The pastry case is quite dark looking, and must be where some of the spice infusion hits, as these mince pies are full on. As someone who loves cinnamon, these pies come with a strong hit of it and all the other christmas spices. This to me was more noticeable than the lemon, which came as a refreshing zingy aftertaste. The mince filling looks quite thin, but again its rich flavours come through beautifully.
The flavours from these mince pies are strong, if like me you love your christmas spices, they are definitely worth picking up. They are very different too and certainly posh enough to serve as a proper dessert, rather than just and accompaniment to coffee. I’ll certainly be picking more of these up throughout the seasonal period. Mmm cinnamon.

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