8 November 2016

Quality Street Honeycomb Crunch Bar (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

The Christmas items are leaking into the shops, and the chocolate treat bars from Quality Street have made a reappearance. I decided to give the new Honeycomb Crunch Bar a try, as it sounded like it had good autumnal flavours. The bar is wrapped smartly in the bright purple Quality Street packaging, with gold tipped edges.
I unwrapped the bar and found that it looked like four Honeycomb Crunch chocolates bridged together with more chocolate, this meant that easiest thing to do is to eat in four mouthfuls. There is a rich aroma of chocolate and toffee the minute the bar is unwrapped.
The bar is very sugary, and the scent of toffee follows through with plenty of rich tones. The milk chocolate coating is quite thick, and the filling in each chocolate is thick and silky smooth, with crunchy toffee bits. I liked the mix up of textures and the light crunch.
This is a soothing bar, a proper treat in the cold weather. The flavours are of strong toffee and plenty of sweet milk chocolate. Perfect for a treat on a cold night, particularly if you need an after work energy burst, while waiting a cold bus stop…

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