22 November 2016

Gold Shimmer Hot Chocolate (Waitrose Christmas)  By @Cinabar

Well, we seem to be well and truly heading towards hot chocolate season, (and Christmas too). Thats why this tub from the Waitrose Christmas range caught my eye! I could see from the packaging that this hot chocolate had added glitter, but I thought the flavour was a regular milk chocolate, there wasn't much evidence to the contrary on the front of the packet.
The minute the tub was popped open there was a lovely rush of christmas spice that filled the air. I scooped some powder into a mug of hot milk and stirred.

Now the edible gold shimmer was far more sparkly than the photo does justice, when stirred there was a lovely decent pearlescent sheen, but the camera couldn't quite capture it.  It did wear off a bit when the drink was still, but it was still noticeable.
Now I’ve confessed before about my love of Christmas spice, with cinnamon being top of my list, so it won't surprise you to hear I rather loved this drink. The Waitrose Gold Shimmer Hot Chocolate was sweet, with loads of milk chocolate flavour and a lovely warming hit of cinnamon and nutmeg. The spice wasn't overpowering and it worked well in combination with the chocolate. The added sparkle is a bit a fun, but it works it for me. They managed to put chocolate, cinnamon and novelty in one mug, I think I may have been the target audience!


Anonymous said...

Really going to miss this. Nicest hot chocolate have ever tasted.

Anonymous said...

I tried this as a drink but wasn't too keen, so my daughter used it in biscuits she made and it was preferable for me than as a drink.

cinabar said...

Did the biscuits sparkle? I liked it as a hot choc but always happy to experiment!