5 November 2016

Stone Saison Beer (@Warwick_Realale) By @SpectreUK

There is the image of the devil drinking this beer on the front of the glass. It’s that time of year for devilry as Halloween has passed us by, and the sounds of fireworks outside for Guy Fawkes’ Night makes it sound a little bit like a warzone. Guy Fawkes was the explosives expert in a gang who tried to blow up Parliament in 1605. Cinabar has warned me not to get political and the present day on the blog, so I’ll just say “fair enough” and talk about the beer…

This Saison was brewed in Stone in San Diego County in Southern California. It’s marketed as a modern take to the traditional Belgian Saison using locally grown ingredients, such as lemon thyme and lavender. On opening the 330ml bottle of golden beer, this 6% volume Saison has spicy zesty undertones in the smell and decent hit of lavender. I don’t remember tasting a beer with lavender in it before, so I think this is a first for me. There is a citric tang on first taste mixing well with the sweet malt and spices; there is a herbal edge from the lavender pushing the aftertaste into an almost peppery flavour. Recommended drinking in spring to summer, I found this beer quite warming and I would disagree. In fact I’m sure this is a beer for all Saisons (sorry!). Happy Guy Fawkes’ Night! Remember; try not to blow yourself or anyone else up!

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