18 November 2016

Soreen: 4 Fruit Toast Me’s (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

My grammar isn’t great, but the name of this product had me thinking… is the apostrophe in the title okay? Can you put ’s on me when you really mean multiple? I’m sure some kind soul will message me to educate me, and for now I’ll just move on. As I’ve said I’ve never claimed to be an expert on such things.

So anyway we have these new “4 Fruit Toast Me’s” from Soreen and they look like small buns, made of good fruity Soreen. They are designed to be toasted, but before your can do this you first have to slice them. This is always fun with Soreen, a product that seems happy to glue its sticky self back together if you leave it alone for a minute. The buns are smaller than a slice of bread, and I could imagine they would be very difficult to fish out of a toaster without a lever to give a bit of extra reach. Our toaster does have a bit of lift, but even so it was difficult to remove the hot pieces. Don’t use metal cutlery to help get them out though, obvs.
They actually looked really good when they were out of the toaster, they were a mix between crispy and gooey, and the texture was fab. I buttered them and found them really enjoyable. All of the Soreen currents and raisin flavour was there, but having them hot made them a yummy winter snack. I also loved the new texture and felt that the toaster was a success, even if they were a bit tricky to cut and get out of the machine.


Something to look forward to said...

The apostrophe is definitely wrong and one of my pet hates!

Unknown said...

I wasn't that fussed on trying these but now I might just have to give them a go! Have you tried M&S' gingerbread Teacakes yet?
P.S I'm with you on the intruding apostrophe.