3 November 2016

Dessert Parlour - Dudley Road - Birmingham (by @NLi10)

One evening just before Halloween I happened to be leaving work at a time that was suitable to visit the new Dessert Parlour that has appeared on my route home.  Ordinarily I'd be safely on the bus at this point, but for just a short extra walk I can experience the true reason for graduating from child to adult - to have dessert before dinner.

I'm much more of a pudding person than a dessert guy (dude?) so the things that interest me are not the lavish cakes and ice creams.

(this picture was supposed to be arty but came out a bit wrong)

That said, the super milkshakes are kind of a mix between ice-cream and drink and contain all the usual bits of choc and such that you'd find.  And this one (the seasonally appropriate cookie monster) has half a biscuit stuck in the top!

Sure it was a little bit cold to be walking through the streets in autumn, essentially eating an ice-cream at night, but it was quite a fun little experience.  Naturally they are all hand made to order so it took a little while, but there are seats and the staff are friendly.  Inside I had chocolate, cookie dough, cooked cookie, more chocolate, ice-cream and cream on top.  The only real complaint was the straw was a little thin, and a fatter one (maybe with an end scoop) would have allowed for more appreciation of the texture and variety here.

The store on the outside advertises waffles and crepes though so frankly I'll be visiting again and eating in as the work demands later nights and the temperatures drop.  It's a nice idea to open one of these (although maybe an odd choice of area as there aren't that many shops nearby that are open in the evenings) and I'll do my best to try the whole of the menu.

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